About Us

About Us


About Us

GENX is a hub of expert architects, engineers, and technologists providing BIM Integrated Project Management Solutions. We are very tempted by challenging projects and the bigger the challenge the more satisfying for us. We are here to work non-stop till we find a solution and that is just the way how we want to work on a project. 

We are those who led mega projects representing the best companies in the world. Innovation in every step is the only way we want to work. And we are here to help you and your business in ways you probably didn’t know we can.

Our tested strategies will save you time and money. We will be an extension of your team supporting you along the way.  

Our unique position in the field and our desire to better the world one construction at a time guided us to serve Generation X which represent persons who are born between 1970 to the mid 1980’s. They are the transition group between Baby Boomers and Millennials. Similarly, we see a transition of skill sets in the field of construction where Baby Boomers are the experienced architects/engineers and Millennials having technological skills but with limited real-world experience. As Generation X Consultants, we are lucky enough to work with senior experienced architects and engineers in the field and hands on. We were trained for both hand drawing and computer-aided design, giving us the advantage to lead with new technologies while building on our trades experience.  We are the transition between the most senior to the most junior in any company.