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Building Information Modeling (BIM)

In both public and private projects, owners are increasingly expanding contract requirements for multi-dimensional Building Information Modeling (BIM). With the rapid advancement of architectural design technologies, firms that fail to embrace this transition will find themselves at a significant disadvantage.
GENx has meticulously identified a comprehensive set of requirements that architectural practitioners must fulfill to seamlessly transition to BIM. Our approach involves a thorough review of your specific situation, enabling us to tailor a truly custom and effective solution. Our overarching goal is to share our extensive experience and knowledge with your teams, fostering a robust and enduring impact.
We commit to delivering a minimum of a 25% increase in the efficiency of your workflow. Beyond efficiency gains, we will fortify your core team, establishing a continuous support mechanism within your firm. Our pledge is that, upon completion of our collaboration, you will not only be self-sufficient but also won’t require the assistance of another BIM consultant again.

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