CATIA xGenerative is a browser based , on the cloud, generative modeling application that uniquely combines graphical visual scripting and interactive 3d Modeling. There are many reasons why XGEN is the future of visual scripting and a candidate to be the best in the market. We have outlined some of the outstanding features for your consideration below;

1)     Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device (no installation ,ready for instant deployment)

2)     One Solution for Beginners & Advanced (Frictionless introduction to the Catia ecosystem of applications, easy UI)

3)     Unified Coding Interface (Create scripts interactively or through the graphical interface, define custom operators, capture and reuse knowledge within an enterprise)

4)     Templatize your IP (Capture IP in user operator, reuse and share user operators within your organization)

5)     Limitless Shape & Scale Capabilities ( Create objects of any shape or type, model small components to full scale buildings)

6)     Amplify the Design Process (Experiment within the design space by manipulating the control parameters)

7)     Improve Decision Making with Data Driven Design (Design by data; model with collections of objects, visualize design data with graphical charts)

8)     World Class Geometry (Generated geometries are not tessellated or distorted, exact geometry is created and manipulated by all operators)

9)     Collaborate Efficiently with Assemblies (Create Catia assemblies so the entire team can simultaneously contribute to the master model)

10)  One Platform, one data model (Access and share up-to-date data anytime and anywhere, work in parallel, protect intellectual property, speed up collaboration)

To get you started to this awesome application we thought we compare with similar applications . Attached you can find  XGEN commands translated to Dynamo and Grasshopper commands. We hope this will be a helpful document for those who are new to XGEN and have background with GRASSHOPPER AND DYNAMO .  Please expect further updates as Xgen continues to evolve.

credits: parametricmonkey team  who started the original file between grasshopper and dynamo

credits: Nicolas Senemaud for XGEN properties summary

special thanks to Nuri Miller for developing the document with us.

For more information please reach out to us. We would be excited to get you started with XGEN and help you manage your projects in CATIA.