GenX believes in custom solutions for businesses, it is never one solution fit all even with technology. We will review your specific situation to provide a truly custom and effective solutions. Our goal is to share our experience and know-how with your teams to create a strong and long lasting impact. We are architects focusing on real solutions as transition to BIM is not only about technology itself but Project Management process. Only then a team can truly archive all benefits of BIM/ Revit and increase their efficiencies. Without a compressive implication of Revit it will just stay as a wash and won't be worthy of your investment.

Few things we can help you with:


 - Project based training

 - Topic based training

 - Continuing Education

Firm-Wide Strategic Development

Concept to Construction BIM Support 

Content Library

Coordinated construction documentation

Model authoring

Cartooning Architectural Set

Project Scheduling

Production for your project from SD to CD

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