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Charlotte Meklenburg Library

Location: Charlotte, NC
Program: Library
Status: On-going

Scope: GENx’s scope is to facilitate the translation of a preliminary design through developing fabrication models. This consists of breaking down the complex geometry and establishing DFMA rules through a series of parametric optimization algorithms. The project had a cycling nature; with GenX at the center, our team coordinated between architects, engineers, and the manufacturer, ensuring that all concerns were studied. By assessing the project through these multiple lenses, GenX delivers solutions beyond merely solving geometric complexities, utilizing our industry knowledge to uncover problems before anyone else.

Services Provided:
• Design to Fabrication Optimization
• Secondary STR Design
• Project Coordination
• Fabrication
• Design assist
• Geometry OptimIzation
• Parametric Setup & Automaton
• Project Coordination & Optimization
• Assembly Fabrication Model
• Visual & Performance Mockup Model
• Bill of Materials



*Images by Snohetta*

Double-Axon 1
Double-Axon 2
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