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What does DFMA mean?

DFMA, or Design for Manufacture and Assembly, simplifies product design to optimize manufacturing and assembly, reducing costs and enhancing quality. Factors like manufacturing processes, part complexity, and automation potential are key considerations for companies aiming to improve production efficiency.

Our Process

Leveraging its technological infrastructure and expertise, GENx provides DFMA services for projects. The initial phase involves a comprehensive analysis to identify potential DFMA issues, determine typical and atypical scenarios, and gather project-specific information. This analysis encompasses geometric building analysis and manufacturer system evaluations.

Data Managment

Effective data management is crucial in the DFMA process, serving as a vital input for understanding and optimizing projects. Precisely defining required data supports project management and facilitates accurate parametric modeling.

Levels of Detail and Development

After the initial stages, the LOD is increased, and fabrication and shop drawings commence for PMU/VMU and the building. DFMA is a non-linear process, requiring iterative optimization. Integration of information from designer and manufacturer revisions advances the project.

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