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CAD to BIM Transition for Architects

Our team of BIM experts is well-versed in comprehending CAD models, 2D drafts, plans, layouts, and blueprints, seamlessly converting them into intricate 3D BIM models within a Common Data Environment (CDE). This migration is tailored to meet the diverse needs of building contractors, architectural consultants, MEP contractors, engineering firms, and sheet metal contractors, fostering smooth collaboration on a unified BIM platform.

Why Choose GENx Design & Technology for CAD to BIM Conversion?

Comprehensive Expertise:
  1. From facade products to MEPF and structural components to mechanical equipment, we proficiently transform diverse CAD elements into detailed BIM models.
  2. Our specialization extends to developing coordinated BIM models for fully enhanced as-built building designs.
Services We Offer:
  1. Conversion of structural plans into detailed BIM models.
  2. Transformation of architectural drafts into dynamic 3D Revit Plans.
  3. Scan to BIM services, particularly beneficial for retrofitting existing buildings.
  4. Development of Life Cycle Models based on CAD drafts for comprehensive building plans.
  5. Precise tagging and labeling of BIM objects, adhering to BIM specification and LOD standards.
  6. Conversion of PDFs, blueprints, and paper-based plans into detailed BIM models.
Future-Ready Designs:
  1. We assist engineers and architects in digitizing their designs, ensuring future accessibility, easy editing, and retrieval in subsequent stages of the project.
  2. Our commitment extends to developing region-specific BIM models for our global clients, aligning with their unique standards and requirements.

Contact Us for Your CAD to BIM Conversion Needs

Are you ready to elevate your design workflow and embrace the power of Building Information Modeling? Contact GENx Design & Technology for all your CAD to BIM conversion needs, and our dedicated team will promptly respond to guide you through a seamless transition into the world of advanced 3D design and collaboration. Let’s shape the future of your projects together.

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