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Structural Engineering & Calculations

In the ever-changing field of structural engineering, GENx Design & Technology is committed to preserving the essence of our craft while embracing modern methodologies. Our Structural Engineering & Calculations team navigates the evolution of the profession, bridging the gap between traditional wisdom and contemporary tools. This section sheds light on the principles guiding our structural engineering calculations and our approach to fostering excellence.

Adapting to Structural Engineering Transformation

The profession has shifted from manual calculations to the digital era. While technology brings benefits, it challenges the craftsmanship of structural engineering. GENx addresses this through its engineering team, designing primary and secondary structural systems. This involves stages such as system conceptualization, analysis, modeling, and creating manufacturing documents. Thorough analysis, coordination throughout construction, and preparation of 2D and 3D documents are key aspects of our approach.

Craftsmanship Revitalized

Collaborative Engineering: We encourage a collaborative engineering approach within our teams. By fostering open communication and promoting shared brainstorming sessions, our engineers work together to ensure a comprehensive understanding of project requirements. This collaborative environment not only enhances the quality of calculations but also facilitates knowledge exchange among team members.
Simplified Component Analysis: Breaking down complex calculations into smaller, more manageable components is a fundamental aspect of our methodology. This approach allows for more frequent and rigorous checks during the design process, ensuring that critical elements are identified and addressed early in the project lifecycle.
Visual Representation: At GENx, we emphasize the importance of visual representation in our calculations. Utilizing advanced visualization tools, we provide clear and concise depictions of key design components. This visual approach enhances comprehension and facilitates effective communication, both within our teams and with project stakeholders.


Technology as an Enabler, Not a Constraint

Tailored Software Solutions: Recognizing the limitations of generic software, we provide our engineers with specialized tools tailored to the unique requirements of structural engineering. Our suite of software is designed to enhance productivity, streamline calculations, and facilitate collaboration, ensuring that technology complements our craftsmanship rather than constraining it.
Training and Skill Development: Unlike the industry norm, we invest in continuous training programs for our engineers. We believe that proficiency in the tools we use is crucial for effective utilization. By providing ongoing training and support, we empower our teams to harness the full potential of technology in their daily workflows…
Consistency and Uniformity: GENx promotes consistency and uniformity in our working methodologies. We have established standardized templates and procedures that enable our engineers to maximize opportunities collectively. This ensures that our calculations meet the high standards set by our organization, fostering a culture of excellence.

Calculations as a Pillar of Engineering Excellence

Quality over Quantity: At GENx, we prioritize the quality of calculations over sheer volume. Our engineers focus on producing concise, well-documented calculations that serve as the foundation for design decisions. We avoid the pitfall of producing extensive reports that lack critical summaries and simple numbers…
Active Role of Calculations: We emphasize that calculations are not merely an endpoint but an integral part of the design office cycle. By treating calculations as a living document that evolves alongside the design process, we ensure that they remain a dynamic and responsive component of our engineering workflow…
Client-Centric Approach: Understanding the importance of client satisfaction, we present our calculations in a manner that is accessible and informative. We provide clear summaries of major loads, material take-offs, and critical design components, facilitating a transparent and collaborative relationship with our clients.

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